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Just part of the scenery
United States
I'm just here to look at art. Sadly I have little to no talent in creating it.

Current Residence: New York
Favourite genre of music: Neo-Classical
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Magneto or Fluttershy
Personal Quote: Genius by Birth, Lazy by Choice
I'm not a journal person. Okay, that's a lie. I totally am. But the one I usually keep is private. So I figured I'd share one here. Sporadically. For the hell of it. Honestly, this may be the only entry. I dunno. So let's play this by ear, shall we?

I decided to do a journal here because of nostalgia. You see I came on to check my updates, like I do about once a week. And I was feeling sorta nostalgic. So I went looking through my old favorites. And I saw a couple of things. First is that I was stupidly Weeaboo back in the day. It's kind of embarrassing. And not even obsessing about good anime either. No it was Naruto of all things. And I feel shame for that. I mean it did used to be good, but even so this is an unhealthy level of obsession. So I'm glad I grew up and broadened my horizons. Take THAT 14-year-old me. Although 14-year-old me thought h was all "cool" and "edgy" for liking anime because he went to a small religious school where literally two other people knew what anime was. Now it's more popular. So I guess I was, for once, ahead of the curve. Weird.

The other thing I saw was some art someone made for me. Now this person is the no-related person I've known the longest (of the people I stay in touch with anyway). So I went and I looked at her old journals, because that's totally not creepy. I'd almost be worried about her seeing this but A) she doesn't follow me because I can't make art and B) she is the queen of apathy. So even if she followed me, she'd likely not look at this. ANYWAY. Her journals start at the same time as my private journals. Well sorta. I kept one on and off (mostly off) back then. Y'see little me transferred from this tiny religious school to the public high school because he wasn't "getting along" with the religious school. And it was a good thing. Because I managed to do well there. Also I reconnected with this friend, with whom I had gone to pre-school and been best friends with then. But then I went to my horrid private school and she went to public school and we lost touch because we were six. So my private journal is full of stuff about how amazing it was to ind her again. And her journals don't mention me. At all. One does, tangentially. And I was almost annoyed about not mattering to her but then I remembered that A) she's the queen of apathy and thus writes rarely and little when she does write and B) she goes through phases. See when I pick up on something and I really like it it sticks. Permanently. I still watch the Magic School Bus, for example. She picks up a new interest about once every 18 months. And the old interest gradually goes away. So first (or at least first since we reconnected) it was Gaia Online. The Warhammer 40k miniatures. Then Mabinogi. Now it's Champions Online. So I just sort of lucky she hasn't dropped me yet. But her journals inspired me to try one of my own. And now I look back at it and it seems like a long, love crazed, stalker-ish rant. Which it's not. But it looks that way. SO I'll need to try better next time. If there is one.
  • Listening to: My roommate snoring
  • Reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norell
  • Watching: Castle
  • Playing: Mabinogi
  • Eating: Whoppers
  • Drinking: Iced Tea

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